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Original Pancake House Fundraisers are a fun and effective way of raising money for your school or non-profit organization. Group members, their friends, families, neighbors, etc. can dine on your designated day (7AM to 3 pm) at the location you choose.  Fundraisers are held on selected Wednesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays throughout the year.  The organization may choose only two dates per calendar year, six months apart for their fundraisers. Due to limited availability, fundraisers must be scheduled at least three weeks in advance. Fundraising days fill up quickly so organizations should schedule the fundraiser as early as possible.  On the day of the Fundraiser, patrons must turn in a flyer that your group provides and ask that it be attached to their check so it will be included in the fundraiser total.  We will tally the fundraiser checks (before taxes & tips) and donate 20% of the total to the organization.  The 20% donation amount is to be derived from business that has been generated through your organization's efforts.  

Please call your desired store directly to schedule.

The Original Pancake House is proud to support the communities in which we operate. Fundraisers are for school or sports groups or non-profit organization.  Fundraisers are NOT intended to be used by individuals or groups collecting for personal or corporate profit or causes.

Once you schedule a date, please send an email to to confirm your fundraiser.  The email should state the group, the location and date of the fundraiser as well as whom the check should be made payable to and the address to mail it.  Checks must be paid to organizations, not individuals.  We will reply back with a logo that you should include in your flyers.  We suggest half page size on a brightly colored paper. All advertising must be done prior to the fundraiser.  Group members may not pass out flyers to other diners, either inside or outside the restaurant, or by standing in front of the restaurant, in the parking lot or by going table to table.  Doing so may result in the forfeiture of the organization's entire donation.  It is the responsibility of the organization to ensure that all those participating in the fundraiser know to give the flyer to the cashier.


After you've confirmed your fundraiser, take these steps to create the biggest turnout and largest donation to your cause. 


 On the day of the fundraiser-

Remind everyone to give the flyer to the server, cashier or driver.

The restaurant will be open to other patrons during the fundraiser. Seating cannot be guaranteed for large parties. Even though it is the organizations's scheduled fundraiser, we cannot give preferential seating.  While we will make an effort to comply with all seating requests, it may not always be possible to seat groups/families near each other. 

Due to kitchen, staffing, and space limitations, we ask that whenever possible, groups not plan to arrive at the restaurant all at once.  If multiple groups do arrive all at once, they may be placed on a wait list.  We appreciate your patience when this happens.  The fundraiser lasts all day, so whenever possible, try to encourage participants to stagger their visits throughout the day.

A special note for organizations with small children

While The Original Pancake House is a family-friendly restaurant, it is not a playground. There are employees carrying heavy trays and hot plates in and out of the kitchen. Please do not allow your children to run in the restaurant and please be respectful of other patrons.  

After the fundraiser-

We try to compute all of the fundraisers from the previous month at the beginning of the following month.  If you provided us with all of the required information when you confirmed, you don't need to do anything else.  We will write all of the checks for the month at the same time.  If your fundraiser is early in a month, it may take up to six weeks before you receive your check.  

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